Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sweat Clothing, Sweet Clothing?

OK. When did it become SO expensive to buy quality workout clothes? I mean they are clothes that are literally made to sweat buckets in, and yet a new outfit can cost more than a full winters' worth of eggnog lattes. I know what I'm buying.

For people who are just starting to get healthier, the expense of buying new workout shoes, workout pants, workout tops, and whatever else the cheery salesperson shoves down your throat, might be enough to make one rethink if this whole workout thing is even worth it.

I recently got an email advertising workout clothes from a well known athletic wear company, we'll call them "Smikey". I needed some clothing that was capable of being sweated buckets on, so I browsed through their stuff. After finding three outfits, which are not even enough to workout for a week I might add, I realized that those THREE outfits cost more than my law school books for last term. That's right people, the notoriously overly priced college textbooks you hear all about have nothing on athletic clothing. Or something like that. Needless to say, I didn't buy them. It wasn't just Smikey  though, it seemed like everywhere I looked my credit card started to stress-cry in my wallet.

Weigh buying over-priced workout clothes against the cost of not working out and suddenly buying overpriced pants to sweat in seems to be a more reasonable investment. Until the eggnog lattes call your name.  That might just be me though.

I decided instead to use The Google, to see if MAYBE somewhere, in the deep dark holes of the internet, there were quality, affordable, workout clothes. I wasn't even that disappointed by the results. 

I found Fabletics. It's a fab place to buy athletic wear? Anyways. I was a little skeptical that the quality was any good since it was affordable, but the outfits were really cute and I wouldn't have to take out a mortgage to buy something. I decided to buy an outfit, which is $29.99 for your first one. Yeah, UNDER THIRTY for an entire outfit. It gets more expensive after that, but not by much. When it got here I looked it over and it seemed quite capable of being worked out in, so I wore it to barre3 and it was fab-ulous. See what I did there? 

I also love Target for their workout stuff, but my cart always seems to miraculously fill with throw pillows and decorative birds when I shop there, so I avoid it. Try. I try to avoid it. I fail. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014


It's fall! You can tell because the Uggs are on and Pumpkin Spice is in the air, and the coffee, and in the donuts, and I think I saw it in jello yesterday? You also tell it's fall because EVERYONE is sniffling, coughing, and sneezing. Last year I got, what I will label as, the Charlie Sheen of colds, right in the middle of finals. Not pretty. So this year I'm gonna go ahead and never leave my house, which will work real well. It's a truly solid plan.

I'm having a hard time believing it's not actually winter though since every store I've been to is AAALLL about Christmas already. I may have almost caved and bought an ornament that a SUPER enthused lady at Costco was selling, but whatever. Go Christmas, I guess? Sorry, Thanksgiving and Halloween.

This Fall-inter I'm trying to not be completely and totally consumed with work, and be a well rounded individual. Or at least be a square with rounded edges. Right now that means procrastinating on finishing up a paper by writing on this blog. The rules are made up. What anyone ever means when they say they're "making time for other things" is not that they're cutting back on anything, but that they're cramming more into their day. So if you get a call from me at 2 AM because I want to catch up, that's why. You've been warned.

So how do master juggler's do it? My vote is a time turner. Since I never got my Hogwarts acceptance letter (jerks) I guess I need to figure something else out.

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Copyright : barre3, @realfoodwholelife, @becomingannie

Follow up- right after I posted about barre3 some of the barre3 ambassadors on Instagram threw out this AWESOME deal. Since I had some general curiosity questions from people about what barre3 is, I figured I'd share this promo so that if you want to try it out for yourself you can! Just do what the picture says and you should be good. 

28 to Great is a four-week total body program that gives you some fantastic recipes to try, and access to all the amazing online workouts barre3 has. A.K.A it's a totally doable, healthy, kicker of butts everywhere. I'm doing it because I like smoothies, healthier ones now, and want someone else to tell me what-all I should be putting in my gullet. If you want a legit explanation, hop on over to realfoodwholelife where Robyn explains the whole plan in better detail. 

M and I had a whirlwind of a weekend. Between me applying for internships, writing a paper, M preparing to teach his first college class, going to a department party, and hosting a BBQ, I thought I would be worn out. A year ago, I would have been, but not today! Mostly because the grad students in M's program are AMAZING and cleaned up pretty much the entire house so we wouldn't have to, but also because I've been eating better foods and been working out. BONUS: I was able to walk in heels for an entire night, for literally the first time IN MY LIFE.  Which is all barre3. Win. At our wedding I think I had my heels on for a grand totally of two hours before I gave up. 

*Also, I know I've been talking this place up a lot, but I don't work for barre3 or anything like that. Not that I wouldn't absolutely LOVE to. However, my opinions are all my own. Consult a doctor before you start a new workout plan and everything. I think I heard that off a heartburn commercial once, probably applies here. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Goldfish in the Gym

SO. This blog has definitely evolved over the few years that I've hassled with it. I still love that McDonald's does weddings though.

Now I'm in my SECOND year of law school and even though it has been the most difficult, and honestly sometimes most nerve racking thing I have ever done, I've found that I absolutely love learning about the law and being challenged everyday.  Now that I'm past all the mandatory classes, I get to choose the classes I take which has been some mixing of children and family law. Who'd of guessed that would happen with my love of weddings...POW blew my mind.

The thing they don't tell you about law school is what a marathon of work it is. Now, I've never completed a marathon. I figure the rest of the fam's got that covered. I'm usually head of the "drink eggnog and down candy corn while fit people run past" brigade myself, so I didn't know what was coming.  By the second semester of my first year, I was feeling like a literal carton of eggnog, forgotten in the back of the fridge since last Christmas that someone kicked for good measure. I couldn't find a schedule that worked well for me, so I was up late with readings for classes and legal research and writing work. Which meant I just ate whatever was laying around. Which was usually M's food. #sorrynotsorry. I also didn't work out, because...eggnog.

After I threw my back out, you know, like 90-year-old's often do, I decided that I should probably figure out a plan before I ended up on some spin-off of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Not that I would ever turn that opportunity down. I then realized I was useless as a member of any gym, ever. A goldfish would have a better idea of what to do in that place than I did. I knew I needed a real person to tell me, in small words, what I should do to workout. That's when I went back to barre3, which is a workout class, led by a real person. Win.

The last time I had been to barre3 was 6 months prior, and I literally could not walk down stairs after the workouts, they were so hard. There was a lot of cardboard-butt sliding down the stairs in those days because we lived in a house of stairs.. It seemed. So I was reluctant, you could say, to go back. But I did, because I forced myself to buy the unlimited classes package and the only way to justify that was by actually going. What kept me going was/is my pact app, which I have a real love-hate relationship with, but I haven't lost my workout bet yet and it pays me in real I guess it works.

When I went back to barre3 again, and started going 4-5 times a week, I instantly felt like a solid 75-year-old after the first month. Luckily, the barre3 studio in my town has a class that allows me to workout before my day really starts, which meant I was ACTUALLY AWAKE for my 9am classes. Huzzah, I'd found the cure-all, and it wasn't coffee. It wasn't all coffee, I should say. After two months I decided to try eating less like a child in the Willy Wonka Factory, and more like an "actual adult." Which again barre3 had me covered. If you can't tell, I thrive on the "not-having-to-think-about-it-ness." Now, 9 months later I've lost 25 pounds and counting. SUCK IT EGGNOG.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dreaming of a U-haul

We've started moving.

Not really. I don't hate all of it. I love the house we're moving to and I love the reason we're moving. We wanted to be closer to the university because I'm going to be a law student this year and M's continuing on with his PhD! As I've started boxing things up though, I've come to the conclusion that our possessions break down to 85% Christmas decorations, 7% cat toys, 3% camping gear, and 5% things normal people have in their houses. While we're extremely excited, there are always the inevitable stages of grief that seem to come with packing a house and moving all your cat toys and miscellaneous crap to the new one.

You naively say to yourself that this move will be soooooo easy. We're moving pros and I have all these great tips from pinterest! Besides, we don't have that much stuff and most of it is already in super awesome storage bins XD. We learned last time we moved that having things already in storage bins streamlines the process so well! But wait! What's all that stuff not in the storage bins? Where'd that kitchen table come from, or the kitty litter box, or worst of all your clothing? That's when you hear the sound of pacman dying off in the distance and you realize how very, very wrong you were.

"Mother of God, what just fell on me???" "Was it rice? Was it a nest of spiders?" "$#%@ SPIDERS!! IT WAS SPIDERS!!!!".

 "If I can just stuff this Halloween costume I've had for eleven years into this last box I promise I will go to church every day. EVERY. DAY."

This is the stage where you crawl into a dark and box free corner of the house and start blogging about moving.

Haphazardly get the rest of it to fit in whatever box it'll squish into and start training your cat to jump in and out of any extra moving boxes. He needs the exercise.



Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hey there, it's been awhile..

If there are any real live people reading this you might notice that it's been an entire year since I've posted anything. You might be thinking I've committed the ultimate blogging sin and should be subjugated to some sort of internet penance; like glueing my eyeballs open for a 24 hour viewing of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo". Not that I'm hating on Honey Boo Boo, that child is seriously on to something with her whole wanting an extra finger to grab more cheese puffs thing.

So why am I risking my eyeballs and getting back in the blogosphere? Is it some sort of New Years resolution? Nostalgia of blogging? A need to address some of the awesome celebrity wedding trends of 2012?? No. Nothing deep or introspective brought me back, it was some 3AM godawful dance exercise  infomercial -_-. Think Richard Simmons Jazzercize but with more yelling and generally less optimism about life. Zumba? It must have been Zumba.

I will never fall asleep with the TV on again, because dazedly waking up to some perky women in missed matched spandex yelling at my sleeping butt to get up an do some sort of dance number, so I can fit into a dress only 14 year old girls should be able to fit into, resulted in the worst nightmares in my life. My real life wedding dress was way too big for me to wear until about a week before our wedding day. You can imagine the hilarious tent-sized-wedding-dress nightmares that ensued from that.  This nightmare was like that but just for kicks added Jillian Michaels yelling "Dance, fatty! DANCE!!". It wasn't all bad though, it reminded me about my neglected blog. It also reminded me how much I really do like cheese puffs.

Speaking of our wedding, As of New Years Eve we've been married now for an entire year! Yay!! The year itself has gone by just about as fast as Ryan Lochte would pass Honey Boo Boo in a race, any race, but it's been one of my favorite years with M so far. If you're thinking "wait, didn't she just say they've only been married a year???" Yes, but we dated for a gabizillion years before we were married. Sorry if that blew your mind.

Anyways, this year we both graduated college, one of us went back for more school, the other entered the  perpetual soup kitchen that seems to be the job market for new college graduates. "Please Sir, may a have another job at any fine fast food establishment?" As frustrating as that's been it's pushed me into applying for grad programs that I've wanted to do for a long, long time. Hopefully when I graduate I won't be the most educated unemployed person to have ever lived :D.

Besides that, it actually has been a pretty amazing year. We moved, met new people, I picked up some photography gigs after putting together a portfolio and applied to grad schools, we got a shiny new sister, learned we were going to be an aunt and uncle again, saw friends and family, took road trips to amazing places when we could, learned to roast a duck, and cooked a legit, adult sized, Christmas dinner. At the end of the year we rang in the new year together in our favorite city watching fireworks go off at the Space Needle. All I can say is that the crazy wedding dress tent nightmares were worth it, being married to your best friend is WAY better than having an extra cheese puff finger. Sorry, Honey Boo Boo. Happy (very belated) New Years everyone!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Well... it's officially 40 days until the wedding. and I am officially OMFG EXCITED!!!! The wedding has also sneakily taken over my life..which I'm totally ok with, cause come on, I freaken love weddings.. and eggnog lattes, God those are amazing.

Between my allergicness to exercise, being a college student, and my love of stuffing, the holidays are going to make fitting into my too big dress juuust a little bit easier hahaha. At least I'll save a few pennies from not having to get my dress fitted!

So what's a girl to do? EAT MORE STUFFING!!! wait, no...bad.

Anyways, here're some possibly tolerable, cheap ways to exercise!

Go to a thrift store and buy a 1980's workout video (and probably a VCR)! Or just youtube it...Whatever-Did someone say Jean Simmons?! Hells yeah!! Plus, even if you don't really work out, your tummy will be getting a good workout from laughing at the awesomeness of the outfits ;).

Groupon some dance classes! A) I need to learn how to do more than the "driving the car into the electric slide" thing for the wedding. B) see "A"

Buy a shake weight- cause you know you want to try it ;) hahaha

This one's totally booring but sorta awesome- Use water bottles (with water in them) as weights. If you want to be truly awesome, don't add water. Then see how long it takes for someone to point this out while laughing their behinds off at you ;)

Check out this awesome site- Divine Diva -It's a free site that tells you what workouts you need to do when you choose what you want to work on. Subsequently I found that you are not in fact working your triceps much by lifting the remote to change the channel.

What awesome-cheap-funtastic ways do you workout